Monday, June 28, 2010

I should know better.

Did you ever have the thought that when you are having a really good day, you will pay for it later with an equivalently bad day? I have that thought all the time. I have really good days and I just know that I'm gonna pay for my happiness. It's just how I think. And I'm always right about this.

Here is some stuff from my really good day. I went to Linvilla orchards with Jaime and her daughter. We picked raspberries, peaches and blueberries, in that order. Trust me when I say that is also the correct order...pick raspberries when you are fresh and full of energy, and won't be dissuaded by all of the prickly thorn scratches, peaches next because they are easy, and blueberries last because they are the friendliest, most relaxing fruit I have ever encountered in its natural form.

Raspberries...the black ones are meaner than the red ones, but surprisingly more abundant.
Raspberries, black and red

Peaches. Easy.
Peach Tree

Blueberries. The color combination of ripe blue berry with unripe green berry on the bush seriously hypnotized me. If I could bottle this sensation and take it with me everywhere, I would. It borders on being synesthetic for me, I think.

I used my raspberries to make raspberry jam using this recipe. It is the greatest thing I have ever tasted. I purposely made pancakes to enjoy the jam, since I was too lazy to drive downtown to get some good bread. This jam is too good for store bought sliced bread. The peaches and blueberries still languish in the refrigerator, awaiting their culinary demise. It will probably be in cobbler form.

After the fruit picking and jam making, the weekend definitely went downhill. I sliced the top of my thumb open pretty badly while slicing bread at dinner on Saturday night, and that's the BEST thing that happened between then and Sunday night. I will refrain from airing the remaining portion of my weekend in the world of the interwebz, but hoo boy, I've seriously had it. Enough. Put a fork in me, I'm done.


  1. "Did you ever have the thought that when you are having a really good day, you will pay for it later with an equivalently bad day?"

    Reverse this! You have really shitty days and you have really fun days to compensate. Pay no attention to the time line.
    Either that, or I'm a curse to you because this is the second time we had a fun day together and the second time that something shitty happened shortly thereafter.
    We'll test this theory tomorrow.

  2. I just discovered Linvilla a few weeks ago and I did blueberries first. Total mistake, by the time I got to raspberries, I was so spoiled I could barely enjoy it.