Saturday, January 1, 2011

Too Early to Make Some Noise?

Typically, CPM and I would make an effort to stay awake and greet the new year's arrival. Unfortunately, due to extreme exhaustion, we both ended up asleep by 10pm last night. While I don't begrudge anyone their festive celebration of the year's end, I do begrudge them the opportunity to torment my dogs. For a good 45 minutes, Bones shook, and howled, and ran around the house whining thanks to the neighborhood fireworks, which began about 20 minutes before midnight. So, yes, we were awake for the New Year, though unintentionally. And right now, at 8am, I really want to go outside and bang on some pots and possibly set a car alarm off so that the idiots that tortured my poor puppies (yes Squirt was also terrified, but she shakes quietly in the corner) can have an early wake up with their post revelry head aches.


  1. We had that problem every year in CT. This year was rather quiet.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Our neighbors started around 11. Didn't really bother me much b/c I was watching "Bones" (the show, not the dog) on my laptop.