Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 for Wednesday

It's the second day of the second month, so I'm posting a second post! Ha. Actually, I just want to document some of my planned schemes/projects/needs/wants for post move in...

First, I need curtains in my bedroom. All of our windows are 60 inches tall. Plus, we have about a foot of trim and moulding above them. Add the 39 inch floor clearance, and I need some pretty long panels, or a shitload of fabric. Both options point to several hundred dollars spent on window treatments in just this one room. Yikes. So, I'm planning to use canvas paint drop cloth panels as a temporary to possible permanent solution. They'll definitely work temporarily, and if I can motivate myself to do some creative dyeing or fabric painting, or even some sewn fabric embellishments, they may become permanent. See here for one version, but different options are all over the interwebz.

Second, I'm enamored with magnetic spice tin systems. But I refuse to pay bunches for something that is so ridiculously easy. Hence, I will probably buy some watchmaker's tins, some magnets, and begin glueing myself up a bunch. The side of the new fridge is magnetic, so that would be my probably storage area. Bam, instant pantry space savings.

I also need a blender. CPM burns through a blender every year. I'm considering either a Vitamix or a Blendtec. The shallow person inside my head likes the look of the Blendtec better, despite its lesser warranty. Yes, they are both ridiculously expensive for blenders. But CPM loves his smoothies. And you can do juices with whole fruits in both of them, so I can get rid of the gigantic Jack LaLanne power juicer behemoth that is crowding my pantry!

Phew, looks like we'll still be bleeding money for a while. Oh well, you can't take it with you.

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