Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Stuff

In no particular order...

The post "work holiday party", free-drink happy hour...I haven't attended a post holiday party happy hour in ten years. It was time. I walked ten blocks through the city back to my car carrying my heels. Thankfully, it was not as cold on this day as it has been in years past.

Live animal nativities. Even though I am not religious at all, put a baby animal in my path, and I'm happy.

This salmon recipe from Martha Stewart Whole Living. I've made it twice. It's dead easy and delicious.

Raspberry Lemon Thumbprint Cookies (made with Kerrygold salted butter, because I am a baking rebel).

My new, go to chocolate chip cookie recipe. I only waited five hours for the first batch, but the rest of the dough is currently "curing" in my refrigerator. Based on my sample tastes, these are incredible. Also, I got myself some Silpats! Finally!

Not so good stuff...getting peed on by your favorite girl puppy, while laying on the couch with your feet safely tucked beneath her bottom, because she recently received a steroid shot and sleepy time is now also temporarily known as "pee on mommy while sleeping time." I still bought her the squeaky holiday hedgehog, which she eviscerated in ten minutes.

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