Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh the drama.

As much as I appreciate my life suddenly becoming "blog worthy," I could do without all of the personal drama.

Somehow I misplaced my keys yesterday...both car and house. After looking in all of the usual places (various surfaces throughout the house) and the unusual places (refrigerator, trash cans, cupboards, etc.), I can only postulate that I dropped them outside. This means that:

a. Keys are buried underneath a four foot high snow drift in my yard, and will reappear sometime in the spring.

b. Keys were dropped right outside my back door and have been retrieved by the helpful people who have been breaking into cars and garages in the neighborhood lately.

CPM is spending the morning changing all of the locks on the house and I'm taking our car to the dealer to be reprogrammed. Great. This is exactly how I wanted to spend that Amex gift card that I got yesterday.

Edited later: I am an asshole. The whole time we were freaking out, the keys were sitting on a kitchen chair that was pushed under the kitchen table. They must have slid off the table during my morning prep routine of piling shit there as I get ready to leave. Thankfully, CPM was able to return all of the new locks that he purchased, and I canceled my reprogramming appointment. Let this be a lesson to me: I should not combine a full dose of Benadryl with a full dose of cough syrup, no matter how badly I am coughing at night.

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  1. hehe hello! I am the girl that always looses keys and then my boyfriend says 'how do you manage it?' because he's ever so perfect. I also feel your cough pain. xxx