Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

CPM and I have lived in our house for ten years. Only recently have we begun to actually put things on the walls. Mostly, we are displaying vacation photos that I've blown up and framed.

We have a few prints of original art. One is by the talented Horsebites. Two others I purchased for CPM from an artist named Nik Scarlett.

We've now added another two pieces, purchased at an art show held at the Toothless Cat gallery in Philly. The artist is Leila Marvel. We got prints of two pieces from this collection. There were other creepy prints that we liked by other artists at the show, but the two that we bought were the only ones that we could agree didn't creep us out so much that we'd be afraid to pass them as they hung on the walls.

Here's one of them. The other isn't showing on the Leila's flickr page, but we plan on framing them and hanging them side by side.

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