Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh, it's a new year or something?

Bloggers all over the internet entertained me with their Best of 2009 lists and their 2010 Resolution lists. Did I make a "Best of" list? No. Do I do resolutions? No. Well, maybe, sort of. But do you really want to hear about my resolve to be more selfish this year? I didn't think so.

Here's what's going on in the Broomcakes universe...

Jaime and I started a new blog. We're going to make dinner for each other, eat dinner together, and write about it. It will be fun, delicious, and will threaten my weight loss goals. Here's a sample of a dish I made for our first dinner, stuffed mushrooms. (I go to The Pioneer Woman a lot when I need "party food.")

Dinner with Friends

My husband has been getting tattooed. A lot. So much tattooing has occurred that he can now tell you how exactly to get your tattoo to heal perfectly. (Coat it in antibiotic ointment and wrap it in plastic wrap for the first three nights before bed, then apply lotion by the gallon for a week or so.) Yes, I have a roll of plastic wrap in the bedroom now.


I've been sewing stuff, mostly wasting time by making clothes that I will never wear. I either need to start making some knit wear, or become a quilter. I'm on the fence right now about what direction to take my sewing into...

Upcoming madness in my life: thank you to the Days Until app on my iPhone for this information...

I am 11 days away from another trip to Hawaii. Aloha, bitches. You can take this 29 degree weather and shove it somewhere. I'm going to where it's 80 degrees every day, and mai tais are mandatory lunch accompaniments. (Dear internet robbers, my house will be occupied by three large black dogs, one ornery cat, and their human care providers. Sorry, you just can't have my collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs.)

I am 36 days from my tattoo appointment. I'm actually looking forward to the pain. That's sick.

I am 46 days from turning 33. I like being in my thirties.

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