Monday, February 22, 2010


First, amen to this post on Passive Aggressive Notes. Do not park in the spot that your neighbor shovels out. This should be the first commandment.

Second, my birthday was this past weekend. CPM and I had house guests all weekend (actually, we pretty much have house guests all of this week, as None More Black prepares for an upcoming weekend assault on various locales). I made myself a delicious cake (modeled after this one). CPM and company took me to dinner--Blue Sage, naturally, our celebration restaurant of choice. He got me a flash for my DSLR (side note: great, something else I have to learn to use properly). Horsebites drew me a picture. We had brunch at Farmicia on Sunday. Then, I made my famous Seitan Pot Roast for dinner. Yeah, that's exactly how you want to begin the week you are participating in a weight loss challenge.

I couldn't get near my computer to upload any of my pictures because band practice took over the basement for the entire weekend.

Third, a note to the neighborhood kid who was circling my block on a quad ATV on Saturday morning at approximately 5am: I will find you. And when I do, I will knock on your door to tell your parents about your escapade. Hopefully, they will care enough to knock some sense into your idiotic brain. Unfortunately, I have this feeling that they will not give one shit.

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