Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vacation Redux

I've been home from Hawaii for several days now, and I know I owe the two people who read this blog some sort of vacation recap.

I'll admit that the first two days that we were home, I was quite miserable. It was sunny and 80 degrees every day on Oahu, give or take a shower on the Windward side here and there. When we arrived in Philly, the thermometer was barely registering 20. Once home, we faced chores, minor plumbing repairs, food shopping, bills to pay, and jobs to return to. On vacation, we had leisurely breakfasts, relaxing walks, delicious warmth and sunshine, fabulous dinners, beach time, pool time, house hunting forays, whale watching, hiking, sleeping, dreaming, etc. I know, vacation is supposed to be awesome, but somehow this trip was extra awesome.

I was trying to compose a top ten moments list, but I got overwhelmed. I took a lot of pictures, deleted many that I hated, and saved a few. The full set of what I took with the "big" camera are here. I have yet to take the few gems off of my iPhone. Of particular note in that collection will be the shot of the lady in the thong that I grabbed for CPM's enjoyment. Yes, I look at ladies butts. How can I not when they are on display like that? As I tweeted one morning, going to the beach is like hanging out with strangers in your underpants.

Here are few favorite moments and stuff...

The rooster at Waimea Valley
Rooster at Waimea Valley

The peacocks at Waimea Valley
Peacock at Waimea Valley

Okay, Waimea Valley was just awesome all around
Waterfall at Waimea Valley

By chance, seeing a friend marching in the MLK parade--something told me to head out onto our lanai at just the right moment...
Ashley in the MLK Parade

Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna in MLK Parade

Coffee and Dessert at Honolulu Coffee Company
Sea Salt Caramel Macarons

Dinner at Arancino (every other night)

Pinhole Sunset

Typical shot of Diamond Head

Boat Rides

Breakfast at The Cream Pot
Creepy Owl at The Cream Pot

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