Monday, April 12, 2010


-Items sewn in recent weeks: none.
-Mood in recent weeks: extra cranky with a side of bitchy.
-Thing I have most want to say to people in recent weeks: Your kids are not as cute as you think they are. They make far too many shrieky noises and drop trash and toys on my lawn. Please, use birth control.
-Spouse's location in recent weeks: Baltimore, Maryland, i.e. not home. I'm not sure when he is going to come home for more than two days at a time.
-Diet in recent weeks: mostly unhealthy due to lack of responsible food shopping and meal planning. I may try to rectify that today. At the very least, I want to get myself some avocados and tomatoes for sandwiches that do not involve PB n J.
-My Philadelphian experience in recent weeks: hearing gunshots at home and driving through bad neighborhoods.

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