Monday, September 13, 2010

Apparently I Lack Vision

We are now approximately one month into Operation Let's Build Us a Damn House in the Burbs and Move Away from the City. Let's recap, shall we?

For the last five weekends or so I have found myself covered in various forms of dirt and debris. It started with plaster dust and mouse poop as we demoed walls, which became squirrel nesting debris and cotton insulation as we demoed ceilings, which transformed into tar and pitch remnants as we peeled off the flat roof, which finally was capped by the piece de resistance of the human fecal matter from the basement poop pipe when we finally demoed the plumbing and mechanicals. This home renovation is brought to you by ample amounts of Tide and Downy.

I have sweated way more than I like to. I have eaten way too much pizza (home renovation also sponsored by Jules Thin Crust and Peace a Pizza). I have gained four pounds (seriously, WTF is up with that, I guess it's the pizza). I have used the porta potty and decided that running water and flushing toilets are gifts from God above. I locked myself in the garage for an hour and cried. I filled buckets too full with trash, couldn't lift them, and cried. (I have actually cried a whole lot less than I expected too on this project.)

I used a sawzall for the first time. (I want to use the nail gun next.) I'm good with the crow bar. I can eyeball a dumpster and estimate approximately how much more crap we can fit into it. But I am ready for the demo to be done and construction to begin.

And just like that, poof, we have a new wall. A new, really high wall.

Human Featured is Actual Size
New House

When I walked through the house before we made the offer, I never even considered creating cathedral ceilings. That was all CPM's idea. I'm five foot two inches tall, and I rarely dust the corners on my normally sized house. I'm scared to death of the ceilings in the new place. I'm going to need a really long pole. (Pause for whatever dirty joke you wish to insert here.)

I also couldn't "see" how the new interior wall would look with the original leaded glass installed high up--that was also all CPM's idea. Now that the frames are built, I can see how amazing the place is going to be.

New House

I've started obsessively trolling design websites for inspiration. HGTV is on constantly. Now the fun really begins, right?

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