Thursday, September 16, 2010

First World Problems, People

For the record, we are nowhere near being ready to do any decorating at the new place. Still, that doesn't stop me from trolling various design sites for inspiration (read, steal ideas that I can do in my house for cheap/free).

Alas, lights are not free. And we have a dramatically high entry way. The foyer ceiling will be about 10 feet high, which leads directly into the dining room, where the ceiling height is 12 feet or more (I forgot to confirm the height with the spouse). I know, I know. I'm gonna need a really big light up there. Like I said, first world problems.

The current house has ceiling fans in the kitchen and dining area. As a regular watcher of the now defunct Trading Spaces , I know they are not "design elements." They serve a purpose, to keep me cool. Now, however, I feel that I do not want a "big ass fan" in my grand entry way. I want a lovely light fixture. These are just inspiration/ideas. I'm notorious for buying stuff, looking at it, and changing my mind and kicking myself that I wasted money (if it's not returnable). The main problem is that I have no idea what my "taste" actually is.

I was surprised to find myself interested in anything this glassy, but there will be a pretty big leaded glass window behind it, so maybe that's what I'm feeling:

Then there is this "natural" chandelier. As Jaime pointed out via email, this will be a pain in the ass to clean. Also, it feels pretty "faery" to me. I'm not sure I'm a "faery" decor person. I've never actually been to a Renaissance Faire.

The next two are more along the lines of classic chandelier in my mind. Not gaudy, pretty simple, although the one is pushing the limit with the extra crystal hangers. Still, not too bad at all, right?

Finally, I include this one not because I am actually interested in it, but because I think it's crazy that Pottery Barn would charge $300 for something I think I could make on my own. I add the fact that I get to drink all of the wine in order to do it, so it's a pretty amazing project.

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  1. My favorite is the branch one you showed me via email. Joe would never go for something like that, so if you get it, I will be forever jealous.
    My second favorite is the one directly above the wine bottle one.