Thursday, March 17, 2011

Suburbs v. City

While walking one of the dogs the other night after dinner, I came upon two police officers and another man calmly wheeling a corpse laden stretcher out of a house, and trying to stuff it into a minivan. (Is this where we all end up, in the back of a late model Ford Windstar?)

In our former city home, this would have been akin to a block party...every neighbor would have been out to watch the proceedings, kids would have been running around, shrieking, it would have been a festive chaos. Bad shit happens, neighbors watch and comment. It's the city way.

In the calm of the suburbs, the dog and I were the only ones to bear witness to this person's final "roll" down the sidewalk. I even felt guilty, as if I shouldn't have stumbled upon the scene. No one was out. No one was even peeking out of their curtains. It was spooky.

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  1. That's odd how you're minutes away, but things are so different.