Monday, April 13, 2009

Pants! Pants! Pants! also Sewing!

Things have been getting desperate in the broomcakes closet. Don't tell Stacy and Clinton, but I've been wearing the same 4 pairs of pants to work for the last 3 years. See, the dress code at work is business casual. I've translated this to mean "boring shirts plus black pants." Hey, I frequently have to clip a walky-talky and a cell phone to myself when I leave my desk. Wearing skirts is difficult under these circumstances. That's not to say that I don't do it occasionally, but when I do, everyone notices..."OMG, broomcakes, you have legs!" Har har har. Thus, on Saturday, I forced CPM to take me to the consumer mecca that is King of Prussia Mall so that I could restock my work pant collection with items that were not faded and threadbare. (It wasn't hard to convince him...I just dangle the prospect of Fazzoletto in front of him, and he's waiting for me in the car.) Apparently, everyone in the tri-state area had the same idea because that place was packed! Someone needs to tell people that the economy is in the toilet, because it sure doesn't seem that way when you hit the mall on a rainy Saturday. After lunch, and 3 hours of traipsing around the mall, I had 4 pairs of pants that fit (2 in black, 2 in khaki--sorry). I had to hit 3 different stores to find them, and try on multiple sizes in every store to determine where I land on each brand's mysterious size chart. I also broke Stacy and Clinton's multiples rule...that's right, I bought two pair of the same style pant in different colors. Sue me. A big thank you to Banana Republic, Gap, and Ann Taylor Loft for figuring out how to make pants that fit the height challenged curvy bottomed members of the population.


While many households may have observed Easter yesterday, in the broomcakes household, we chose to observe a day called "oh crap Target isn't open today." Thus, I went to Walmart to buy a zipper and spool of yellow thread so that I could sew something and I emerged 18 yards of sale fabric later. While that new fabric was in the laundry, I thought it would be a good idea to use up the Alexander Henry Baddana fabric that I washed 3 weeks ago. Out came Simplicity 3835. This time I went with the mini-skirt, which I intended to wear like a tunic (because I am 32, and too old to be worrying about whether my undies are showing when I bend over). Here is the result (CPM took the photo):

I'm glad I used a busy fabric, because you can't see the wonky sewing around the zipper. I made the mistake of following the pattern instructions when inserting the zipper. Next time, I'll just do it the way I know works for me. I have one more fabric selection for this pattern, for the dress option. Maybe next weekend...


  1. That looks gorgeous!!! Amazing!
    Cute shoes too.

  2. I love those shoes. I've never worn them out of the house. That's okay though.

  3. I just bought fabric from Dillinger's.