Monday, April 6, 2009

Desperate Times

Welcome to pollen hell. In desperation, I took a half dose of Benadryl this morning in an effort to keep the eye headache and allergy related fatigue at bay. Drug induced fatigue is just so much more fun, especially at work. I cold easily fall asleep at my desk. I wish Claritin or any of the other "non drowsy" allergy remedies worked for me. They don't.
This weekend was action/food packed and yet I took not one photo. I feel remiss. On Friday, CPM and I, along with other friends, joined Richard for his art show at Metropolis Gallery in Lancaster.

Luckily, the fine owners of the gallery took a few shots. Here's proof that I have culture--please note, I am not in None More Black, as the photo label on Flickr might indicate. I am just married to 25% of it. Ha!

CPM bought me this because I couldn't stop drooling over it. See? Culture!

On Saturday night, I got my frozen pineapple margarita on at Cantina Dos Segundos. This was followed by losing games of Buck Hunter and bowling. I'm blaming the margaritas. And the fact that I have an abnormally large thumb joint, which is unsuitable for proper use of the free balls at the bowling alley. (ha! i said balls!)

On Sunday, we traveled to Sabrina's for breakfast. Remind me not to order the Eggs Benedict Florentine again. My food was delicious, but eventually turned out to be a trifle unsettling. Later in the day, CPM decided that we needed to stuff Richard before his return to Orlando, so we visited Pizzicato in Old City (hey guys, fix your website!) for some tasty pasta, followed by a quick stop at the Franklin Fountain for ice cream.

Thus, in addition to sneezing, I am currently recovering from food overload. Today's breakfast: peanut butter on toast. Further bland meals will follow. I must atone.


  1. YUM!

    (Have you tried Zyrtec?)

  2. While you claim that you are not a member of the band, you do have the dubious distinction of having played on one of their albums.

    Let there be plenty of rain this spring to keep the pollen out of the air. That is how I cope with rainy springs.