Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Cautionary Tales

These Boots Were Made For Shipping

2 weeks ago, I ordered boots from I wanted them for wearing on the Vespa...I have a pair of normal purple Doc Marten's, but the side zipper on these appealed to me as a way to cut down the "gearing up" time in the morning. They arrived in a timely manner. Alas, my calves are just too shapely for these boots. After trying one on, I put it right back in the box, and requested the return label from I packaged them in their original box, and gave everything to the UPS driver at my job the following morning.

Yesterday, I saw that I received only a partial credit for the return. I contacted customer service at Overstock and they told me that the warehouse people inspected the boots, and that they were stained and couldn't be resold. WTF! So, either the UPS driver or the Overstock people damaged the boots and tried to blame me, because they were in mint condition when I repacked them! This morning I see that they have given me back the rest of my money. I think this is because I threatened to never be a customer of Overstock again, blog about my experience, twitter my experience and facebook my experience. Even though they gave me back my money, I have a bad taste in my mouth from the ordeal, and I don't think I'll be using them again for purchases. Hello, Zappos! You win.

I'm a Limey

Last week, my wonderful husband removed a tick from my leg. I found it while I was showering. Because I am blind without my glasses, I originally thought that a new mole had appeared on my leg. A closer inspection totally skeeved me out. It was a tick, and that sucker was attached! I spent that morning at work googling "lyme disease", but felt pretty sure that I had been attacked by a "safe" dog tick. Phew. What a relief. Then on Sunday, a little red dot appeared in the spot where the tick was attached. It slowly grew. By Tuesday, I had the tell tale bulls eye rash. WTF. Yesterday, I visited my physician and got the recommended course of antibiotics. Woohoo. These things are no joke! There are five warning labels on the bottle! I have to take them for 21 days! I will probably feel sick to my stomach the entire time! Fan freaking tastic.

I will never leave my house without applying bug spray ever again.

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