Monday, June 29, 2009

Jesus. I can't post regularly to save my life.

Two weeks ago, my house was invaded for a weekend of band practice. Band practice weekends mean that all of my little OCD cleaning/shopping/chore routines are shot to shit and I am forced to have fun, eat out a lot, and basically chill the eff out while the rock is happening in my basement. The vacuuming and bleaching can get done during the week, right? I took no pictures. I cooked dinner twice (lasagna, veggie chicken cheese steaks) and breakfast once (blueberry pancakes). I ate out at our favorite Thai place, our favorite veggie place, our favorite Mexican joint, and a good sushi joint. One of the house guests wrote about it on his blog way back on June 24. That's how late I am in updating.

Last week I took a spontaneous vacation day and went to Laurel Hill Cemetery with Jaime to take some photos. You should look at hers, not mine, because hers rule and mine are meh. I need to learn Photoshop.

This weekend, we became a four dog house. Our "niece," Rosie is staying with us while her people are away visiting Shamu. My three dogs are not allowed on the furniture. Rosie, however...


Our couch cushions will be squished down to pancakes by the end of the week, and that will be just fine, because she is so darn cute.

This weekend, I ventured into experimental ice cream territory. I made the vanilla ice cream from the ice cream maker's manual, and then added chopped frozen cherries and chopped bittersweet chocolate at the end. CPM says this is my best ice cream yet.

Best Ice Cream Yet

I also made a skirt. I got it done in two hours! The zipper isn't as wonky as it usually is! Woohoo!



  1. You're too kind.
    That skirt is awesome. It's like the fabric version of "Tomorrow Never Knows."

  2. I admit I had to google that reference. Beatles song. Check.