Monday, July 27, 2009

Tequila will do that to you.

Last night I dreamt that I received a Comcast bill in the amount of $987 dating back to 2005. It had been sent to my mother's house in the suburbs, which she moved out of years ago. When I woke up this morning, my first conscious thought was, "Oh crap, I'm going to be on the phone all day straightening this out." Then I realized it was just a dream. A very scary dream.


Jaime asked me to join her for a trip the Headhouse Farmers Market. In theory, I love the idea of farmer's markets. Fresh produce. Independent vendors. Locally sourced cheese. Since they always seem to take place at inconvenient times, like when I want to be cleaning my toilets or riding my bike, I've skipped them until now. I'm glad I went. My wallet is not so glad. I bought expensive chocolates, delicious cheese, and very ripe peaches. If CPM were not leaving for Europe on Wednesday, I would have gone crazy and bought fancy eggplants and stuff. Instead, I will subsist on scrambled eggs and frozen pizzas for 2.5 weeks. Ah, the single life.

See...expensive chocolates!


The broomcakes homestead is once again hosting house guests. This time they are French Canadian. House guests are an excuse to eat too much food!

I made the house guests peanut butter cup ice cream. CPM helped stir the peanut butter and sampled the makings. When his eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy, I knew I had done well. I used the basic chocolate ice cream recipe from the Cuisinart manual, and simply added 1/2 cup of natural creamy peanut butter to the "batter." Once that had churned for 25 minutes, I dumped in 8 chopped peanut butter cups--I used the full sized version, and froze them in advance for easy chopping. Also, I had run out of white sugar, so I used brown sugar. This was easily the best ice cream I have ever made.

CPM's new favorite toy, the peanut butter stirrer, goes to work.


Perhaps eight peanut butter cups was a bit much, since they almost overflowed the machine.

The house guests had to have dinner before the ice cream. We took them to El Camino Real in Northern Liberties, to sample veggie wings and bbq seitan sandwiches, and to see a friendly favorite server who had migrated from another of our favorite eating establishments. We were lucky enough to get to sit outside and listen to people butcher "The Humpty Hump" and Biz Markie's "You Got What I Need" via karaoke. I may or may not have had a mango margarita.

Ok, I had one.


CPM had a Mexican Coke. This is how Coke should taste.

There were definitely veggie wings at the table. I have friends who will need to order these "mild" or they will sweat profusely. I love spicy. These were for me.

There were also bbq seitan sandwiches and delicious fries. Notice my focus is on the fries. I loved those fries.

CPM had the seitan stuffed chile relleno. Is it wrong to admit that I prefer the cheese stuffed version at Las Margaritas?


  1. I want to be all over those "wings".
    I'm hungry. (Actually,I'm not, I just want to eat yummy food.)

  2. That place is so not Joe friendly. Even the complementary chips were spicy. Girls night out!

  3. The "wings" look really good.

    I never knew there was such a thing as a peanut butter stirrer. Of course, now we have to get one.

  4. This is the one we got:

  5. Naturally, that was the first place I looked. So much better than using a knife! Thanks, Heather!