Monday, October 12, 2009

A public service announcement.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, are vegan, or are in the company of vegans, and in need of brunch, you may be tempted to try Mi Lah Vegetarian's prix fixe Sunday brunch. Let me save you some heartache. Don't go. It's not worth the $20 per person price tag. The servers are inept and the food is sub par. It's a shame. A place like this should be awesome.


One year after we repainted our kitchen, and got new dining furniture, I finally spoiled myself with new dishes. Oh, Ikea, there are so many reasons to hate you (for instance, because you force me to self check out, and I charge myself for one more cereal bowl than I have actually purchased, which I do not realize until I am safely back at home). But I can't be mad when you sell the exact rounded corner square plates that I have been wanting for ages.


  1. Ooh! Pretty.
    I want new plates too. I'm dying for red fiesta ware, but cannot justify it.

  2. I argued with myself over this purchase. I finally came to terms with getting the dishes when I realized that I was saving a lot by not buying them from Crate and Barrel. Of course, I bought a lot of other silly crap along with the dishes, but that's because Ikea is the evil impulse shopping capital.