Monday, October 19, 2009

When it rains...

I stay inside.

I left my house exactly 3 times this weekend. Once, for an emergency cupcake recon mission on Friday night. I needed to acquire Genuardi's store brand cupcakes. They are strangely delicious, despite their chemical laden ingredient list. Next, for an actual food-shopping trip to Acme on Saturday. Finally, for a Target trip where I purchased 10 bags of Halloween candy.

CPM and I did not eat out once all weekend. Okay, that's a little lie. CPM worked early on Saturday morning, and ended up eating at Sabrina's for breakfast. He brought me home an order of stuffed french toast. I ate half of it.

For the rest of the weekend, I cooked. I made risotto for dinner and apple pie for dessert on Saturday. Blueberry pancakes and veggie sausages were our Sunday breakfast. I made my seitan pot roast, roasted sweet and yellow potatoes for dinner on Sunday. We followed it up with more apple pie. I also baked two loaves of banana bread, and made a batch of pineapple salsa to freeze. At one point on Sunday, I realized that I had spent the majority of my weekend in the kitchen. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


  1. I have had little to no motivation to cook. I'm tired of the same old things.

    I'd love to try your seitan pot roast. I've been wanting something comforting and meaty (that's what she said), but alas, it's not worth the effort when you're the only one who is going to eat it.

  2. I put so much other stuff in the pot that non-seitan eaters might like it over rice...last night's version had sliced red potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, red onions, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes. CPM eats most of the seitan. I actually prefer mostly the veggies and the gravy, with just a little seitan.