Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up in the rafters.

CPM and I went to see Pearl Jam last night. We sat behind the stage, up in the 300 level of the Wachovia Spectrum. As high as the seats seemed to me, there were people even higher, in the 400 level! That's what $77 per ticket gets you. If you want good seats, you have to spend over $100. These were a last minute purchase, gotten from a coworker who needed to dump them. I'm glad I jumped on the opportunity. It was a phenomenal show.

Breaking the clearly stated "no video recording" rule, I used my iPhone to take a video of them playing "Speed of Sound," which is on their newest record, Backspacer. I've never actually seen a concert at the Spectrum before, but even through the iPhone video camera, you can tell that this room sounds amazing. Too bad they are tearing it down to make way for something else.

Yeah, we were up high, but the iPhone video camera actually makes it seem like we were even higher than we actually were. I could differentiate between band members, which is not obvious from the video.

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