Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Universe is Trying to Make a Point

I get it universe. I get it.

My whole life, I've gotten canker sores in my mouth. Through high school and college, I would frequently have multiple mouth wounds tormenting my existence. Add to that my love of spicy and acidic foods and you have a recipe for constant oral misery.

I don't really knows what causes them in me. Stress? Fighting off infection? Hormonal changes? I just know that the last few years have been blissfully free of major canker sore attacks. Then in the past month, I've had a series of doozies...two inside my mouth appeared and healed, to be quickly followed by two on my lips. One cleared up very quickly (thanks Abreva), but one refuses to disappear, probably because it opened up before I could treat it. It's gross and ugly (CPM calls it my second mouth). It's not taking longer than it should to go away, just longer than I think is attractive. It's not nice to feel like you have the herp. It really does a number on one's self confidence.

Maybe I'm stressed. I didn't actually feel stress in my life until just this week. Something pretty stressful, but not internet safe, occurred. Is it possible that my canker sores are prescient? I have psychic ulcers! Woohoo! (I can't wait for the google searches that bring people to this post...)


  1. Last night Joe told me about whatI'm pretty sure you're talking about. People suck.

  2. Indeed. I'm dead calm today. Whatever happens, happens. I did have a big glass of wine last night. And a big bowl of pasta. And bread. That all helps. The only thing missing was a gigantic slice of a decadent chocolate cake.