Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Crashers

I feel bad when I go to a wedding and the food that I'm eating sucks. I just hate knowing that someone has paid an arm and a leg for sub par catering. That's a major disappointment. It's even worse when the sub par food is the (unlisted) vegetarian menu offering that costs even less to prepare than the chicken/beef/fish. How do you mess up pasta? (Answer: by overcooking it, and then topping it with an oily/mushy mix of broccoli and green beans and calling it "primavera.") Thus, I am calling out the Stuart Thomas Manor in Farmingdale, NY for having shitty wedding food. Brides and grooms of Long Island, take your business elsewhere, lest you have a room full of hungry and disgruntled reception attendees.

I'm so glad that I eloped.

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