Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm not sure how to interpret this.

While donating my $5 to "dress casual for charity" at work today, the coworker collecting the money cheerfully chirped,"Thanks so much for donating, because I know you can dress down anytime you want, right?"

The answer to that is no, I cannot. Others in my department can, because of the work that they do, but I am expected to be "business casual" like every other desk worker in this place. So, am I just that much of a mess when I get dressed for work? I know I wear the same khaki/black work pant/sweater combo every day, but it's not sloppy, just boring. I've even started wearing earrings and necklaces almost every day! Sometimes there's even lipstick on my lips when I get to work, although I would never, ever reapply during the day as that would cut into my Burt's Bees addiction!

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