Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm on a roll.

Got myself some new Gingher scissors this weekend. They were a total impulse buy. I went to Joann for some sewing needles and interfacing and they magically appeared in my hand at the register. They are, in a word, amazing.
New Scissors! Gingher!

Started working on the Colette Sencha top. I'm using a cheap synthetic silk that I got at Joann to see how it comes out.
Colette Sencha Pattern

Performed up to my quality control representative's lofty standards. Why is it that as soon as I lay out fabric and a pattern, Rocky decides he needs to be right on top of me?
Performing Quality Control Oversight

Yes, this is acceptable.
Yes, this is acceptable


  1. That sucks that the pattern sucks b/c the top is awesome! Did you read anything about it at pattern review?

    Also, I'm sorry that I missed you under the influence of that drink.

    Bummer about spinach. That and broccoli rabe are my favorite vegetables.

    Love that Rocky helped out. Made me think of Charlie. <3

  2. I should have checked pattern review first on that knit top, but I got sucked in by McCall's 5.99 pattern sale and added it to my cart on a whim, a knit top creation whim!

    You didn't miss much...I think I spoke at length about the plot of LOTR at one point.

    Rocky now has a "toy" made of "silk" scraps because I've never seen him so engaged with something before.