Monday, March 8, 2010

My list of good stuff from the weekend.

1. Seeing Jaime for the first time since January. We communicate almost every day via email/facebook/twitter, but there is nothing like a face to face chat.
2. Kidnapping Jaime and visiting the NE Philly fabric mecca Jomar, having my fabric cut ($1 per yard knits), waiting in line behind rejects from Maury Povich, only to find out that the registers were down and we couldn't buy anything. I'm calling this a good thing, because the experience was worth it. I am detoxing and sanitizing my skin before my next visit. I want my army green knit dammit! I will be back.
3. Birthday presents from Jaime! Built by Wendy Dresses and One Yard Wonders. I am a little intimidated by the dress book, but in a good way.
4. A really awesome Nightmare Before Christmas mug, also from Jaime and family. I must photograph it, because it does not exist online. I'm debating whether to use it or to display it near my other coveted skull items.
5. Fabulous weekend meals and time spent with my husband, who has been spending the work week in Baltimore. I miss him when he's away.
6. Had an idea for a skirt, whipped it up in about an hour, without using a pattern. Will upload pics once I fix my computer mouse tonight! Edited: See, here it is!
7. Fabulous spring like weather for the first time in months! I'm looking forward to riding my bike and riding my Vespa!


  1. I did it in about an hour! So easy! I didn't even hem it, because I used the hemmed side of the sheet as the bottom.