Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

CPM's bandmate Richard will be visiting us from Florida in early April for band practice and for an art show. You should go. I will be there. That is all.

Oh wait. I realized on an earlier trip to the ladies room that I have my underpants on inside out today. You may now laugh at my natural blond tendencies, internet.


  1. oh geez...

    Here I was all impressed at your culinary bravery and sewing skills...

    Worse than a french fry up your nose?

  2. I'd go to the show if it was in the city.

    I've done that before with my underwear. Never makes much of a difference with the granny panties, anyhow.

  3. A "chip up the nose" would be much worse, I think. Way more public. Except for posting my shame on the internet, I suppose.

  4. I'm in work.
    I just peed.
    I just noticed that my underwear is on inside. How weird!

  5. I recall you having that moment once at BK.

  6. I don't rememember that. I must be blocking that out.