Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eating In

Last week CPM and I were bad. We ate out for dinner three times. Okay, I admit, I was feeling crappy. Bloated. Cranky. You get the picture. Throwing together a meal just didn't appeal to me. I was easily convinced to eat out at: 1. Tokai (Sushi) 2. White Elephant (Thai) and 3. Farmicia (Delicious). When Saturday rolled around, I knew I had to make up for my lack of motivation during the work week.

Saturday night I made the house favorite Cuban Black Bean Patties. This time I simply made a jasmine rice and roasted asparagus to accompany the patties. We also had leftover pineapple salsa in the freezer, so that got defrosted. We quickly realized that the salsa on top of the rice was the most awesome surprise combination. I will absolutely do this again. For dessert, we ate a vegan cherry pie that I had grabbed at Whole Foods. Topped with Haagen Dazs Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream, it was divine.

On Sunday morning I had a hankering for stuffed french toast. Honestly, I had planned this hankering. The day before I had purchased the materials needed to make my own copy of the fancy one at Sabrina's: a loaf of challah and cream cheese. I had the rest of the necessary items at home: pecans, vanilla, eggs, milk (soy), sugar. Pretty quickly, I had two plates of this:

Stuffed french toast

I did make a fruit sauce with frozen strawberries, cherries and raspberries. When I put that on the french toast, it looked kind of like a murder scene:


Still delicious. Next time, I will stick the french toast in the oven for a few minutes after it is seared to get the cream cheese filling to be more melty.

Sunday night we had simple "sausage" and pepper sandwiches. CPM prefers this sausage. I like this one. I used the Lightlife version this time. I also roasted some new potatoes with garlic. Tasty. Leftover cherry pie and ice cream for dessert? Of course!

And that is how Monday night found us once again going out for Thai food. Hey, it was raining! It's been raining here in Philly for about 2 months straight it seems. I'm growing mushrooms behind my ears. I needed the pick me up that only the perfect glass of Thai Iced Tea can provide! I promise, I'll be cooking the rest of this week, if by cooking you understand that I mean "tossing lettuce and vegetables on plates with dressing."


  1. I sure hope your husband appreciates all the yummy meals you prepare. ;)

  2. He does. Although I can quote him as saying, "I built the kitchen, you use the kitchen." He recently figured out where the dishwasher is located. He still puts the dishes away in the wrong spot, but I'm not complaining. I just move them to their correct places.