Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Plans

My analysis of Bones' injury was 100% correct...torn cruciate ligament. He also damaged his meniscus. He had his surgery yesterday morning at the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Langhorne, PA. Dr. Popovitch performed the surgery. She's the same doctor who fixed Ollie's torn ligament. (She also removed a perianal growth from Ollie. Ollie wins hands down for dog with the most expensive and weird medical issues...he once had strange cauliflower like growths all over the inside of his mouth. The vet needed to get a text book to diagnose the problem because he had never seen them before. And now I'm completely blanking on what they were. It was some wart like/virusy thing.)

CPM and I are picking up the now repaired dog at 4:15 pm today. After that, I anticipate a weekend of hanging close to home. Poor Bones will be sporting a lovely soft bandage on his leg and may need to rock the e-collar to prevent him from chewing the bandage off. I plan to cook in all weeekend. CPM and I have been eating out a lot lately (hard not to when you live near such great restaurants). I need to get back on track with the cooking. I'm also thinking of starting a quilt top.

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