Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's 2 for 1 Day!

2 Blogs, 1 day, phew. Just popping in here while I eat my lunch (yummy cafeteria pizza, gag) to discuss the delicious brunch that I had yesterday. I was lucky enough to take a vacation day yesterday, because CPM needed help recovering from his race, you see. We both slept late...late enough that an 11am start time for a brunch menu seemed very reasonable. We're big fans of Cantina Dos Segundos for dinner. Their chips and salsa are phenomenal. Sure, the salsa bowls are too big for the tiny tables when you're sitting at a two top, but who cares? Yesterday, we discovered that they will give you these chips and salsa at brunch too! Wow. How was I supposed to fit in brunch after polishing off two bowls of chips with CPM?

We arrived promptly at 11am, their stated opening time. The place was a ghost town. We wondered if it was even open. Granted, it was a Monday and we might be the only two people who take off of work and go out to brunch "just because." We got to select "any table with plates." The server, who appeared to be the only other person in the place, brought us menus, took our drink order, and then disappeared for 10 minutes. Eventually, we got our beverages...I think she may have had to brew my coffee. Then she brought us the chips and salsa and took our order. 30 minutes (a bit of wait that I think may be because we got there so early) and two bowls of chips later our meals arrived:

CPM had eggs benedict with tempeh bacon served on corn bread:
Eggs Benedict

I had heuvos rancheros:
Huevos Rancheros

Both plates were delicious--eggs cooked exactly as they should have been (poached for him, over easy for me) and sauces with the expected twist of mexican spices. My only complaint (CPM disagreed with me) was that the fried potatoes that accompanied both dishes were way overcooked and far too greasy. I am a potato fanatic and I just couldn't bring myself to finish these disastrous representations of breakfast potatoes. Roast these babies next time!

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