Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is why you don't force things.

This weekend CPM participated in the Montauk Century bike ride. That meant that I had lots of time at home to myself, since he was taking the car to NYC. I had big plans: watch the Lost season finale via OnDemand, do some house cleaning, and sew a dress. You are now in awe of how exciting my life is.

Things got started on Saturday evening just fine. I watched Lost and cried at the ending. I ate leftovers for dinner. I went to sleep.

On Sunday morning, I made myself pancakes. Then I cleaned the house. Woohoo!

After cleaning, it was time to start my dress sewing. I've used this Built by Wendy pattern twice before. It should have been very easy. Ha. (I wasn't really in the mood for sewing. I haven't been at all recently, but I decided to force myself, to avoid getting on the Vespa and driving to a mall and spending money on stuff I don't need just to keep myself occupied.) I had fabric that I got at Walmart for something like $2 a yard. I thought that would be perfect. Then I got to the gathering step. Ugh. That fabric was sucky for gathering--it was a woven, of unknown origin, and too thick to gather properly. But I persevered. I got about two steps from finishing the dress. That's when I realized that I had sewn the first part of the collar on upside down. Don't ask how, I still don't know. But the collar goes in before the zipper in this pattern. And ripping the collar out would mean redoing the neck gathering on this shitty fabric and then reinstalling the zipper, which was in wonky to begin with (next time, I'm changing the steps--the zipper is going in at the beginning, instead of where the pattern tells you to do it). I started pulling seams out. I was now 4 hours into my creation. I stopped and thought about it. I realized that if I spent another 2 hours on this dress that I would have such a feeling of resentment towards it that I would never wear it. It would become that dress that I wasted all my time on. I decided that I would therapeutically destroy the dress. And that's what I did.


  1. Such a bummer! The color is so pretty.

  2. I still have enough left to make a skirt. I should have kept the cut pieces and used them to make the elastic neck top, but I was so pissed I couldn't do it.