Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Moley Marriage

I owe a new post here according to Jaime. While I'm thinking of something to write about, you should go here and read what white middle class teenagers in 1962 were taught about marriage. I am both horrified and sickly fascinated.

Side note: I read a lot of "mommy blogs." I am not a mommy. I have no interest in being a mommy. I just find stories of parenting to be interesting/amusing and useful as birth control. I also like looking at funny pictures of kids.


  1. Thank you.

    I am reserving reading for slow times at work.

    And I am a mommy and do not read mommy blogs. Ironic?

  2. If you want more "down time" reading, try the Pioneer Woman. You will lose hours on her site.

  3. Thank you. Usually when it's dead in work (these last weeks in August usually are) I am on etsy. So much cool stuff!