Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Math

What do you get when you combine:

1. A thrifted table cloth in a vibrant shade of yellow.
2. A hat pattern.
3. Lots of uninterrupted time to yourself on a Saturday night.

Answer: The Lady in the Yellow Hat (thanks Jaime, for the inspiration.)

I made a hat! The pattern is Vogue 8405.

I'm making the cranky face because I still can't quite figure out the perfect self portrait technique. My camera doesn't let you see the shot in the screen, so I'm always guessing what I'm aiming at and focusing on. Gah.

Those sunglasses were $7.95 at H&M. Such a deal!


  1. Did you use that med. weight interfacing?

    I did, and I do not like how floppy the brim is... I'm wondering if my fabric was too heavy. Ooh! I forgot to even take a picture of the hat I made for myself.

  2. I did use the medium weight interfacing. The brim is actually pretty sturdy, but still bendy, if that makes sense. The table cloth seems to be a bit lighter weight than a decor weight fabric. If I were using decor weight, I would probably now use a lighter weight interfacing, just to give it some stability.
    And get a picture of that hat!