Monday, August 3, 2009

I think I gave myself whiplash.

I've been able to ride comfortably on 2 wheels since the age of 7. (Shut up, I was a late learner.) I can honestly say that I can't remember when I last fell off my bike. I can't say that anymore. I knew it was just a matter of time. The new road bike is far less stable than my comfy hybrid, or even my trusty old mountain bike.

15 mph. Sharp curve. Gravel. Wet asphalt. Yeah, you will probably eat shit. And then you will still need to ride yourself home. Of course, you might actually clean the wound BEFORE you photograph the evidence. But maybe not. Maybe you are insane and hopped up on adrenaline, feeling no actual pain.


The highlight of the incident was the fact that I was riding solo. My spouse and riding partner is gallivanting in Europe with H20. Laying on the bike trail, I realized that if I had broken anything, I'd be calling 911 for myself (thankfully, I do take my cell phone). Then I got the giggles.

So I rode home giggling. Before I could enter the house to clean up, I realized that my elderly neighbor had left her garage door open all night. She's 85. A widow. Lives alone. Visions of her laying on her living room floor flashed through my head. I walked around to her front door to knock, dreading that she might not answer. After several pounding knocks and one doorbell ring, Mrs. P came to the door in her jammies. She had simply forgotten that she was in her garage the prior evening, got distracted before closing the door, and left it open. In hindsight, I was covered in blood and dirt. If I had had to call 911 for her, I'm not sure what the responding officers would have thought.

After all that excitement, I was happy to join Jaime and family for some gelato at Capogiro's later in the day. They picked me up. We got parking right in front of the South Philly location (almost impossible)! I had Mexican Chocolate (too spicy) and Turkish Coffee (too mild). We then returned to my house, where Jaime's awesome kid wore my dogs out. After the family Avon left, my puppies were sawing some serious logs. They even let me sleep until 5:07 a.m. the following morning. Luxurious!

All in all, it was a pretty exciting day.


  1. I do rent her out. (read: take her and I will pay *you*)

  2. Nice scrape! For me, I was in a hurry, wet road, patch of leaves, sharp turn. You remember how I fared in that spill.