Sunday, August 23, 2009

I married an actual maniac.

On Thursday last, I went to watch my husband play a little show in NYC.


CPM and I are such total opposites. I hate being the center of the attention. The few times that I have been on stage in my life, I have been absolutely terrified. CPM is a natural performer. I am in awe of his musical talent and ability to make an entire room full of people laugh. He made me laugh hysterically on the first day that we met. This is no small feat, when you consider that I mostly laugh "on the inside," and rarely let a full guffaw escape my lips.



So, here's a moment from that show he played on Thursday night at Webster Hall. I have my own video, but it's on my iPhone and I'm too lazy to upload it at the moment. Also, this person's video sounds much better than mine.

Edit to add: My videos are here, here, and here. The sound goes away sometimes. I think the iPhone is too much of a pussy to handle the rock.


  1. You complement each other perfectly.

  2. FYI, it's time for a new post.

  3. Also, a pharmacist who works next door to my store loves NMB. He said how great Saturday night's show was.

  4. I've got nothin' going on! Do you want to hear about my avoidance of laundry? I'll pass on the complement though!

  5. Do a kitchen wishlist! It was fun.